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Thanks to Petr Kozachenko, Vladimir Kolos and Alexander Danilenko for the prepared videos of sessions on DrupalCamp Donetsk, which are available here We are also uploaded slides of the sessions: Also, we have attached videos and slides to the sessions on our website:

Please, leave your feedback!

Finishing DrupalCamp Donetsk: feedback and photos

Respect for all sponsors, attendees and Drupal Association. It was an awesome DrupalCamp in Donetsk, cause of following reasons:

  • Positive charge, which have been generated by Drupalers all over the Ukraine and abroad.
  • Variety of activities, which have been held.
  • Wonderful sponsors and organizers, which allowed such Giga event to happen.

All of this tempting to think, that amount and quality of such events will soar up. And, probably, everybody knows that such cities as Kyiv, Donetsk, Zaporozje, Kharkov, Lutsk and Dnipropetrovsk are pillars of Ukrainian Drupal community, which allow this community to rise and get bigger.

Give your vote!

From 1st till 10th of November voting for a best session will happen. Voting will help us to make a schedule for a DrupalCamp. Number of votes, speaker experience, topic rating will be taken into account.

At the moment 19 session were proposed, 13 of them will be selected for a main steam, other sessions will be performed in the second stream.

We have a good news! We've decided not to close session submission util the voting ends. Moreover in the second stream it will be possible to make a session/BoF/practice.

How to vote ?

To vote you need to log in to a DrupalCamp website, then goto list of proposed sessions, open a session and click Vote button!

DrupalCamp Donetsk has been awarded with a grant from Drupal Association

Not so long time ago we have submitted application for a grant from the Drupal Association for DrupalCamp Donetsk. Recently, we have been suprised that our application has been accepted. 10 from 14 applications submitted have been accepted totally. You can find full list list of winners here:

A couple times a year Drupal Association provides grants for interesting and prospective projects related to Drupal. Association is sponsored by it's members and earns money on holding DrupalCon, so support and updates of and world wide spreading of Drupal became possible. Being a membder of Drupal Association, anyone could get many advantages.

For us it is an honor to be among the winners and we will try our best to make DrupalCamp in Donetsk awesome!

Only 5 days remains until session submission deadline

31st of October 2011 is a last day when you can submit your session to DrupalCamp Donetsk. After that day sessions will not be accepted, vote will happen and program of DrupalCamp will be approved.

If you want to be a speaker, you still got a chance to submit your session. There is a Speaker Resource Kit on the website. To submit a session, please, fill this form (login required).

Submit a session!

We have an awesome news for you. We are starting to accept session proposals. If you are going to make a session, please fill this form before 31th of October. After this date attendees are going to vote for sessions. High rated sessions will be accepted. Please, read the Speaker Resource Kit, before making a session!

On the DrupalCamp Donetsk there are going to be two types of sessions: regular one and a BoF sessions. Regular sessions are going to take place at the Conference hall and a BoF one at the Negotiation room.

Photo by Nikolay Shmaleniuk.

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